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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sweet Blog Award...

THANK YOU PAM... For the Really Wonderful
Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award.
Take time to see Pam over at PJ's Creative Corner
To receive your reward there are 3 rules to follow.
to get your blog just right click on the picture
and save it as.  Sweet Blog Award onto your desktop.
This way when you add it to your
blog, It will be easier to find
The rules for this award are the following:
(1) Send a Thank You to the person who nominated you and include
their link in your blog.
(2) To accept award, please list 7 random facts about yourself.
(3) Pass the award onto 8 other awesome blog buddies

Here are my 7 Random Facts:
  1) Love Fresh Pineapples but, very allergic so I can not eat one
        of my favorite Fruits.
  2) My very favorite colors are dark blues, dark greens, and teals
        (CTMH favorite color paper and ink color is Pacifica)
  3) Love Canoeing and Camping...Need to do that again, it's been awhile.
  4) My Craftiness seems to come at any given time of day or night.
         I usually see something that inspires me and then wham...
         ...I disappear for several hours..LOL!
  5) Have a sweet tooth for 3 Musketeers and those Krogers
         Soft Iced Cookies
  6) Very Very affraid of hieghts...
         (The get sweaty palms and pass out type of fear)
  7) My next dream home--is to have an entire mother in-law suite
         seperated from the main house for my Scrapbooking
         Business and My Crop Club friends.
OK, there are my 7 facts. Now here are the 8 wonderful blogs
I visit regulary. These blogs are very deserving. It has taken
me a few weeks to narrow down my list. As my blogging
experience grows, so does my list of Crafty Friends.

1)    Scrappy Bug
2)    Paper, Paws, etc.
3)   Welcome to the Crafty Card Gallory
4)   Triple The Scraps
5)   The Fruit of My Hands
6)   Sweet Peas Cards
7)   Purple Peeps Techniques
8)   Bumbles n Bees
I will notify each of you tonight or in the morning to let you know you have won this delicious award.
Once again Pam, Thank you for the great blog award.
Here are some pictures of my craft room for now. I am blessed to finally have this room. 15 years in the waiting.


Linda Dale said...

Hi, thanks very much for the award. I will try to get this taken care of over the weekend. I am a bit over extended at the moment. Dont know if you know but my husband is undergoing treatment for cancer and then there is work so I have pretty much stop crafting for the summer. Thanks very much. Linda

Especially_For_You said...

Congratulations on your award, I received the same one myself, and still have to pass it on.. good for you for doing it right away! :) Looking forward to seeing more of your great creations, I am now a follower. :)

I would love if you stopped by my new craft blog, Made Especially For You.


Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for this award! Love your photos of your craft room! I couldn't eat pineapple for a long time either (it gave me a rash!)


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