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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A little hard work....

... sweat, bumps & few small bruises goes a long way when helping out a friend.....I have such a wonderful friend that I am losing to New York City...Not losing really, but the distance will be hard for us to see each other. I was so happy to be able to help her out when she truly needed me. She is down sizing from about 2900sq. ft to a little less than 1000sq. ft. We put together an Estate Sale, took nearly three weeks of constant going through 20 years of house, atic, and three nearly adult teens stuff. (husband already in New York), Then had to organize and list various expensive artsy items as well as big furniture. Three days of early morning to late afternoon sales and she reached her goal (thankfully). Hit the magic number she needed. Now clean up and donate the rest. As I am listing the Ikea White 8 piece book shelving, She comes to me and says, "I am not donating this...I am giving it the best home ever"...and she gives the whole set to me. Can you say speechless. This is a $400 to $600 organizing system. One that I have only dreamed of owning for my craft room. Once I am done helping my Forever Friend and setting up my room...I will post new pics of my now Awesome Craft Room... Just had to share this. Thanks. I am almost finished reconstructing my Blog too. I am missing crafting. So as soon as possible I will have all new crafty items to share. Do stay and browse around. There are several posts with information and some videos you may enjoy. Happily Scrapbooking My Memories~S`andra

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