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Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Banner and My New Scrapbook Room!!

A wonderful banner and pics of my new craft room are for your eyes only....
Been away a few days to recover. Lupus decided to show it's ugly head and attacked with full flair up. But before all that hindered me, last week I was able to finally put my banner together. It's been a month long project. While working on re-doing my craft room I also decided on banner colors, papers to use, embellishments, and a layout. here are the pics of the planning for the banner from a few months back.
Planning stages from May 2011. The triangles are from CTMH and in the next picture you see where I re-purposed box lids and covered with black cardstock to make the rectangles. I used up papers from some CTMH paper packs and also incorporated a few random papers.
This is just after I re-arranged and added the Ikea Organizing system I received as a gift from my wonderful friend Wendy. Click last post regarding this wonderful gift. Here's the new room....

Pic above-- my cricut station, papers, and other items
Below--my work table, inks and stamp station.
Just a little more work to do. I will be redoing the closet and adding one more table in that area.
AND Here's the Banner....

"Oh My Scraps"...
For now it is on my door to my wonderful new organized scraproom.

I am so very blessed to have a scraproom. Big change from having it stashed under my bed, then into a closet and now after about 10+ years later. I have a very nice room that allows me peace and space to work and leave it out until I come back. So those who have just the dining table and are having to do with make shift set ups, just remember....nothing happens instantly and we are all on different levels. So, don't be jealous of what you don't have, enjoy what you do have. One day your fairy craft room will come.
Thanks Wendy for the wonderful gift. I am so glade your Estate Sale was a success and I am even more happy that I was able to help a friend. May you and Joe's new journey in New York be all that it can be and even better. You deserve the Best. I will come visit and in the mean time....I'll see you on Skype! Thank you my blogger friends for stopping by. My eyes would greatly appreciate some crafty love comments from you all.
Happy Crafting~Sandra V.

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SundayL said...

Hi Sandra, thanks for leaving lovely comments on my blog. What a Wonderful craft room you have! Wow, peace and tranquility!
BTW, if you want to display your layouts on your walls, maybe get a large pin board and hang your layouts with smooth (ie no teeth) clips pinned to the board... that's what I do, works well!
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