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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Life without the internet....

Can you say trouble, disappointment, frustration....
Well I experienced what nearly a week without Internet can do to ones temperament with the Internet providers we have available to us.  I have to say, they really tried to help. But, when you can not get connected to your business, customers, friends, and family, not having the Internet in this day and age is most upsetting to all involved. Now that I am back on the air waves I am seeing how much we all rely on the convenience of the Internet. I must say for larger businesses in our area it has been a disaster in all aspects. 

I am working on new projects and I have a list of items in the Challenge tab above if you are interested. There are only 3 for this week. Being Internet disabled has it's limitations when we are talking timing. Hope to be able to post finished projects over the weekend.

In the mean time....take a moment to sit back and enjoy life around you. We all have hectic schedules, demanding jobs, responsibilities to many others. But, you owe it to your self to recharge your battery. Even if you only take 30 min., let that 30 min. be something for you. Go get a special latte, sit in a park and just look at nature, window shop, or even do a quick craft that's for you. Relax, take it slow for just a moment, you'll be surprised at how your mood is uplifted and you have a little bit of an inner peace that you can share with others through that smile.

Happily Scrapbooking and Crafting My Memories
S'andra V.

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