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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Check out the new schedules....& Retiring Colors

If you are looking for the give away information CLICK HERE

Please check the Tabs above for new schedules in the Crop Club and the Workshops.  I hope to have my new art work posted soon. 
Been a little busy since I returned from Convention and my Lupus of course is still keeping me moving slow. All I can do is take one day at a time. 

In the mean time, Please contact me to let me know you would like to receive your new 2012 Fall/Winter Close To My Heart IDEA BOOK so I can schedule a drop off/pick up day. 

You will be amazed. I have shared a few items in recent posts. So scroll down to take a moment and see what is in store for you. Also, Don't forget many items are retiring in the 2011 book.  Many items will be gone fast.

Close to My Heart is changing the way they approach colors and this is important for you to understand so that you can decide what to do this month.  These colors may not actually be going away exactly.  In many of the future paper packs you will still find these colors and they will be called seasonal colors.  What that means is that your level 2 paper pack will contain 2 pieces of the seasonal color, but you will not be able to purchase ink, re-inker or additional cardstock in these colors. All shade packs are retiring too. They are bringing back the single color 24 paper packs.

The following Ink colors are retiring: 
So order your Re-inkers now if you have the ink pads and use them a lot. The re-inkers will help those favorite colors last for years. (Depends on how much you use that color). I do see some of these colors that can cross over into the new product colors. I am order a few extras in certain colors I use a lot on this retiring list.
Vanilla Cream ink pad #z2169------------Re-inker #Z2269
Parchment ink pad #Z2142----------------Re-inker #Z2242
Brown Bag ink pad #Z2108----------------Re-inker #Z2208
Grey Wool ink pad #Z2125-----------------Re-inker #Z2225
Grey Flannel ink pad #Z2124--------------Re-inker #Z2224
Baby Pink ink pad #Z2102-----------------Re-inker #Z2202
Taffy ink pad #Z2154-------------------------Re-inker #Z2254
Sunkiss yellow ink pad #Z2151-----------Re-inker #Z2251
Key Lime ink pad #Z2131------------------Re-inker #Z2231
Heavenly Blue ink pad #Z2126------------Re-inker #Z2226
Lilac Mist ink pad #Z2133------------------Re-inker #Z2233
Amethyst ink pad #Z2100-------------------Re-inker #Z2200
Holiday Red ink pad #Z2127--------------Re-inker # Z2227
Sunflower ink pad #Z2150-----------------Re-inker #Z2250
Sunny Yellow ink pad #Z2152-------------Re-inker #Z2252
Dutch Blue ink pad #Z2119----------------Re-inker #Z2219
Moonstruck ink pad #Z2134---------------Re-inker #Z2234
Vineyard Berry ink pad #Z2157-----------Re-inker #Z2257
Tulip ink pad #Z2166-------------------------Re-inker #Z2266
Garden Green ink pad #Z2120------------Re-inker #Z2220
Petal ink pad #Z2161-------------------------Re-inker #Z2261
Spring Iris ink pad #ZZ2148----------------Re-inker #Z2248
Garnet ink pad #Z2121----------------------Re-inker #Z2221
Pansy Purple ink pad #Z2141--------------Re-inker #Z2241

The retiring products are orderable until July 31, 2012.  There are a few ways that you can order these products and receive free merchandise. 
1.  I can set up a virtual gathering for you and a link will be placed on my website which you can share with your friends.  They can order using the link and you will receive hostess rewards just as if you had gathering, based upon your sales.
2.  I still have dates open where I can hold a gathering at your house and you will receive hostess rewards based upon your sales.
3.  You can go to my website and place an order and if it is $75 or more, you can take advantage of the Perfect Pairs promotion and receive a free level 2 paper pack and an accompanying embellishment.  Details and pictures about this promotion can be found here.  
4.  You could have a catalog party and will receive hostess rewards based on your sales. Contact me to get you scheduled.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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