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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Fourth of July to everyone!!

Hope you are having the opportunity to have some 
memorable fun time with family and friends. 
Do take a moment to remember 
the many families whose loved ones are
serving our country in many forms. 
Nurses, Doctors, Police, Fire & Rescue personnel, 
as well as the many Troops here and over seas. 
Our Freedom came from the many who gave
 there lives and the families who sacrificed so much so 
we could all enjoy the freedoms to be ourselves. 
To love and be friends with whom ever we want without judgement. 
To speak our minds and stand up for what we believe in 
(hopefully in a peaceful manner).
To pray, read bibles, study the religion we choose with out persecution. 
To be able to work and live in harmony with many different cultures. 
That is what America is truly about.
The coming together of many different cultures to share, love, and respect each other in FREEDOM.
Happy Fourth, 
Be safe and with this heat keep liquids near by....
...Don't forget to have some water with all the other liquids.  LOL!!

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