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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Canvas Art Workshop and my Progress on a craft room downsizing...

Awesome way to add a cherished piece of art work to your home decor. I can't wait to get my room finished so I can begin a few of these projects. I have many ideas floating in my head. I hope this video can help you plan out something wonderful to make for your home or for a great gift to give someone special. The Canvas Workshop on the Go is awesome. It includes most of what you need to do the project. You will have to add your ink, your adhesive, and of course your picture.
To see more information click --> Canvas Workshop on the GO.
Thank you again for stopping by. Hope you have enjoyed this information.

I am only in day two of the reconstructing of my room.  Needless to say I am beat. I have a plan to use one whole side of my wall for my new area and I pray that this will work and still keep harmony in this room. The Ikea full floor and wall shelving should help but, this downsizing a  full craft room is not going to be easy. I am hoping to truly be able to have all the things I use daily within reach and am looking for new ways to store and display my other occasionally used items.
Wish me luck. I am going to have to take a break on day three. Lupus does not like all this work I am doing and beginning to really hurt. Thankfully I have help moving the big stuff on day 4. Once I have the area together, I hope to share some storage tricks and tips I have learned or borrowed along this new journey. I have a few more pre-scheduled blogs coming your way while I am occupied with life...LOL!! 
In the meantime, Have a wonderful crafty time and enjoy the little things in life.  Link to the beginning story HERE.

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