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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Gratitude all through November......

Don't know why I did not think of this the other day. I have been posting on 
Facebook each day something I am very Grateful/Thankful for. I am going to try to 
share each day or at least every few days on my blog as well. 
Along with that, The Stampers with an Attitude will be doing their Monthly Blog Hop 
featuring Gratitude with an Attitude Art. This ought to be fun. 

Do come back & check out the Blog Hop
anytime after November 10th. 
Here's my List from the last 5 days and today.
November 1~ I have a lot to be Thankful for. Today, I am THANKFUL for my true Friends and all my FAMILY.
November 2~ Very Thankful for my Husband. Thank you for all your patients, love, giving nature, and the ability to still make me laugh even when I just want to cry. We've climb hills and a few mountains along our travels. May we continue to stand beside each other through each and every day.
November 3Thankful for my Healthy, Smart, Beautiful Girls. Makes life worth living to see them mature into young women. I am proud to say they are my daughters. They bring me the sun in days of gloom. They are not perfect and as all of us have flaws and can test my patience from time to time. God truly Blessed me with these miracles. So very Thankful.
November 4~ Been a very long day. I AM VERY THANKFUL for the days I am able to get out of bed, perform daily tasks, Do extra cleaning chores around the house, plan for upcoming Scrapbooking classes, breath and function without pain, and have a bed to lay my body down on when the day comes to an end. Good night my friends. I am Blessed today and every day.
November 5~ Very Blessed to be able to see & hear. We, that have these senses take it for granted what a wonder it is to hear our children's voices, cry's, and beautiful giggles & to see their faces on a day to day bases. Thank you Lord for these awesome moments and gifts in our lives.
November 6Thankful to be able to have a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes to wear, and blankets to cuddle in when the weather begins to chill. So many, due to layoffs over the last 4 years have lost everything. So Blessed we have been able to keep our heads afloat and have faith that we will get through each day with his grace and carry us even when there were/are times we couldn't/can't see past that very hour to the next.

What are you Thankful for each day of your life? 

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Katherines Corner said...

Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. You help to make it so much fun.♥


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