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Friday, March 20, 2015

Will be back soon........

You read correctly, I will be back. Hope to restart the blogging adventure once we get all settled in to a new home and I become adjusted to all the changes. I am still crafting...Now in two realms. Scrapbooking for myself and crocheting as I want. Hope I haven't missed out on too much over the last year or so. Life can take you on a crazy ride. WHEWWWW.... hope that crazy is nearing an end and we can settle in to a routine soon. Many Many changes in our lives. But for now, I am leaving you with a feel good.,,
Always remember tomorrow is a fresh new start to another new and fresh day. You are in charge of how your day turns out and comes to a close. Not saying it will all be roses and sweet smells through out. But, when the tide starts turning rough and the smells begin to sour, you have control of how it will affect you and your beautiful day. Smile and pass on happiness, You'll be so surprised how a little faith and your own built in happiness will Bless your day.

I will be doing a lot of revamping...So please be patient.
Thank you for taking time to read my blog
 and if you have any suggestions in the 
crafty world of Papers and/or Crocheting, feel free to 
leave me a comment.
See you soon.
S'andra V.

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