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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Picture says it ALL!!!

This has been me all week it seems. Well, some of my not finishing my rooms is due to illness, but I admit...I want to craft more than clean up and move the room out. I have made some progress. Trying to find a few nooks and crannies in the new area to be able to put the large Ikea floor and wall shelving. I'll get it done....just keep me in prayer for energy, no pain in joints and muscle, and to keep my stomach settled the rest of the week. Pics to come soon.  In the mean time, Enjoy your week and remember to spend time with family to make some daily memories that you can journal about in your scrapbooks. 
Hugs and stay well to all.  Happily Scrapbooking & Crafting My Memories~~Sandra V.

Friday, March 15, 2013


Judy T. I am so glad you are excited about your win. I will be shipping it out soon to you. AND, Thanks so much for the wonderful shout out on your blog this morning. I really do appreciate that.

To all my new followers, I will be adding you to my "Crafty Friends I Love To Follow" list on my side bar as I revisit this weekend. I have visited a few of you and let me say, I am enjoying visiting  your blogs. So many talented Ladies and Gentlemen. Can't wait to get you on my list
In the meantime, Have a wonderful St. Patty's Weekend.

Thank you again to all my followers. I plan on sharing more as soooooon as I can get this scrap area meshed together and functional. Today is a beautiful day. I have my grandson and we will be spending as much as we can outside.  Got to live life in order to have memories to scrapbook and craft on.


OK here it is...... The winner of my Blog Follower Giveaway. 
DRUM ROLL.....DRUM ROLL.......  
JUDY from Blue Jeans, Coffee, and Friends.....

Judy said...Sweet! I will for sure pass along the word of this fabulous give away, and display it on my blog. Thanks for the invite, and the chance to win.
send me your snail mail and I will be glad to get 
your prize package out to you.

We reached 100 and I am so thankful to those of you who have stayed with me through the last year and a half or so and to my newest followers too. This has been an awesome outlet for my crafty side and just meeting new people who love crafting from all over the world is fantastic. 
Seems most of us have the same dream of more Organization and time in our crafty spaces/rooms.

Hopefully I can start sharing some of my changes in a week or so. It's been a rough few weeks/month trying to make the change from a craft room to one wall, but I am getting there. I have stored some items for later giveaways and I have made a donation box that will go to a community organization at our next Girls Day Out Crop/Craft Day

Going through everything in my craft room has made me realize I have had many items just sitting here way to long (the word..hoarder.. has come into my brain) and decided I'll never use them.
So, It's time to let go and give to those who are in more need and will be put to good use. Our GDO team has been looking into various organizations that could use crafty tools and supplies. On the list are...
Project Runaway/Youth Villages, Alzheimer Facility, Boys/Girls Club. We are doing our research on each. All of these are great choices and I hope to see many of our Crafters donate to this in April.
Got to run, have my Grandson and he's keeping me busy this evening. Love this little guy.

Monday, March 11, 2013

We are at 99 Bloggers ...YIPPIE!!!!...So So close.

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This will be at the top of all my posts until 
after the drawing . Scroll Down for today's Post.

Still a few more days for a chance to win some great blog candy. Thank you to all my followers who have stopped by and to all those whom are new followers. I'll be adding you to my list of "Crafty Friends I Love to Follow" as time allows me. Remember,  if we get to 125 Followers by 3/14/13, I'll add another wonderful stamp set and other goodies to the mix. How awesome is that?
In the mean time, I am packing up some more of my craft room and looks like it will be a few more weeks before I'll have access to crafting. But, I have a better plan for the wall space now and we are working to reach that organized goal... Is there any organization plans that lasts more than a day in a scraproom/wall space?  LOL!!!
Thanks for being patient. 

Tweaking My Spring Door Ornament and hope to share that project in a few days. 
Love you all for your encouragement and wonderful comments. Can't wait to stop by your blogs this week. Have a Very Happy and Crafty week~~Sandra V.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Spring Door Decor SNEAK PEEK....

Ends leave your entry/comment at that post site.
This will be at the top of all my posts until 
after the drawing . Scroll Down for today's Post.

On with today's crafty SNEAK PEEK... 
... The weather was so beautiful and I am feeling 
somewhat great today, So I decided to do a new 
Spring Decor for my DOOR. 
I am Up-cycling/Re-purposing/Recycling and using some 
natural materials for this project. 
I have to say..I will need to plan ahead better on 
my idea next time. I am having to wait for some items 
to dry (after thought on initial plan). This will be a two part Post.
In the mean time, just a partial peek at the project in progress.
Thanks so much for stopping by. Do take time to check out my tab pages above for other projects or continue to scroll down for other posts. Do have a wonderful crafty weekend and I hope to hear from you in my comments.
PS.  Don't forget about the 100th Follower Blog Giveaway.
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Monday, March 04, 2013

Blog Follower Giveaway

Hello Blog Friends and Followers,
Hope you are having a wonderful start to your week. 
This is it...The count down to 100 Followers. Between now 
and March 14, 2013, If I reach 100 followers....
here's my gift to one lucky winner. 
To those who have been following me from 
I do appreciate your crafty comments and encouragement 
along the way.
Here's what's up for grabs. 
1) Be or Become a Follower
2) Spread the news on your Blog or 
Facebook page by linking back to my blog.
3) Leave me a comment
4) Answer this Question... 
...What is something you want to do more of...
 in your craft room/space?
PS.....If I get to 125 followers 
by March 14th, I will throw in 
another stamp set and a few more items to 
help your crafty Spring/Easter Month.
Retail Value at this moment is $35
Close To My Heart Acrylix Sensational Stamp Set, 
CTMH Chocolate Ink Pad, CTMH Bitty Brads, 
3-D Bunny, Button, Tags, Glitter Flowers, 
Pastel Flower Pop-Up stickers, and 
Creative Memories Great Lengths stickers.
I have geared this toward a spring/Easter giveaway. 

I have to keep this to US residents. The shipping has 
become so outrages for overseas, It's just not 
feasible for me at this time. I do apologize. 
Hopefully I'll get more stuff to giveaway as I go through the 
many stashes of items I have and can do an 
international giveaway in the future.
I am hoping to be able to do and share more on my blog this year once I get everything moved (about 6 days behind my schedule..errr!).  Do be patient, I am taking pics to show my full room deconstruction to a shared space set up. It really is not easy down sizing. Pray I can complete this undertaking in the next few weeks. I have had to slow down this week due to the LUPUS..eeek! But, I am pressing on and when I am ready for furniture to be moved, I hope those who volunteered will still be available. Thank you in advance.....Very heavy furniture to this is not something I can do by myself. (It's a pain getting older...LOL!!)
Thank you for stopping by and browsing through my blog. Hope you enjoy what you see and if there is anything you have questions about...just leave me a comment below and I'll see If I can be of any assistance. Check out my website too. 
Happily Scrapbooking & Crafting My Memories~Sandra V.


Just as pieces stitched together in a quilt warm our bodies, scrapbooks bind together memories to warm our hearts. ~Author Unknown~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The designs and instructions listed on this blog are for personal use only and may not be sold in any form without specific permission. Thank you for respecting each creator's heart of joy.

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