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Friday, April 18, 2014

CHECK OUT THE "Fun 4 Me Club !:" New Blog

 I am so glad that we have a place to meet now. from ANNIE JAMES.

 Go by and say HELLO and welcome her to the Bloggers crafty world  Check out the information on another location to scrapbook in Memphis, TN. As she gets more information she will release more details.
You'll love her, She's whimsical, laid back and very crafty.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Breaking away ......

........To get better and concentrate on family needs. 

I promise I will be back. I have continued to craft....just in a different medium while I have been down over the last three to four months. As my energy rebuilds I hope to come back to blogging and visiting all my crafty peeps. For now, I hope each of you are having some beautiful SPRING weather. 

Here's a peek at the other crafts I have been learning as I have been pretty much house bound or bed ridden. Hope you enjoy.
 Baby Blanket, Baby Beanie with Flower, and the cute little Mary Jane Booties
The blanket was the first project I did. No Pattern.
After practicing learning the basic Half Double Crochets and Double Crochets I went for it.
The Beanie hat was the second and I got it from "The Crochet Crowd" You Tube. I added the flower after viewing other items. 
The Mary Jane Baby Booties were also from "The Crochet Crowd" 
Mikey's video's are awesome and it was nice to beable to stop and go back when I needed to.
This project will be on going. It is an Entrelac Crocheting technique that is awesome. It will take time to make the blanket I am wanting from this. In the mean time, This is the pillow cover. I do have to do the back cover. I am deciding on the color still for the back. I will need to make three of these for pillow covers. I am not sure how long this will take me. 
Yikes.... But it is fun learning through you tube. 
This project I did intermittently through a 4 week stretch. 
This is a very bright pink Infinity Scarf I made for my youngest. Sorry the pics not better but bright pinks and reds seem to be the hardest to photograph.
This only took me about 8 hours total after I learned how to keep the base chain straight.
Here's a nobbie wash cloth I made. Using up left overs from the pink and the 
baby purple yarn together. 
I am new, so this one should have only taken a few hours. 
Me -Double that. I did make three in various left over yarn and sizes.
This is my latest and another on going project. My first granny squares. I am making a Quilt/Bed cover with this one. My plan is to have 9 of the 9 block squares. I will be edging each large 9 block square, then connecting those together. I will add several rows for edging around the entire item so that the edges touch the top of the bed skirt on the sides, the top of head of the bed, and down past the bottom of the mattress of the foot end of the bed.
This granny square is very easy to do. It should not take me long on the squares. I think my learning to connect the large squares will be a little more time consuming. 
I am having to stop here for now....I ran out of my blue.
I started this project just to learn and using more of the left over yarns from 
the other projects. But, I have fell in love with this pattern. 
So I will have purchase more yarn very very soon.
Hope you have enjoyed this blog post. It's taken a few days of working 
on it and resting in between to get it done.

If you ever want to start learning to crochet......My suggestion is start with Mikey's Video tutorials on learning how to crochet. They are free and fabulous and easy. I tried to learn 20+ years ago and if You Tube had been around, I would be up to my ears in several projects 
and probably an old pro.


Just as pieces stitched together in a quilt warm our bodies, scrapbooks bind together memories to warm our hearts. ~Author Unknown~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The designs and instructions listed on this blog are for personal use only and may not be sold in any form without specific permission. Thank you for respecting each creator's heart of joy.

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