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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More Cards and My Craft & Pass It On Randomly

I am well on my way with my card making for 2013....I have already made 18 cards and most of them in the last 5 days. I am impressing my self. I went from making a card when necessary to a few in a stash box. So far a couple of Thank You's, a Birthday, a Thinking of You, and loads of Valentine's. Now I am playing around with front layers that I can have on hand to add to upcoming cards I may need. I will post cards on my Cards tab above...I won't bore everyone with every card I make unless I learn a new technique or I feel it's just awesome. (May not be many in the later.)
 I took a break from the Valentine's projects...Can only take so much red, pinks and so on. I made two Thankful Friend cards that I will send out randomly at some point this year as part of the Craft & Pass It On I signed up for in 2012.  That may not be the right title, but It works for me.
Just a nice surprise for someone to receive a little something in the mail, co workers desk, or at their door unexpectedly. Could be someone you know or a complete stranger. I hope you will incorporate a Craft & Pass It On in your journey this year. It feels good to give without expecting anything in return.
Here I used one of the front layers I made with...
my scraps from my stash bin. This is a star-burst and I got inspiration from
another blogger..which at the moment...the name has escaped my brain. 
As soon as I find it I will share it with you. Pretty good tutorial. 
Below, I stamped the inside with one of my favorite friendship sayings.
Inside Sentiment: Find Your Style-D1452-Retired
(I have one extra set never used, If interested comment below 
with a way for me to contact you and I'll give you more details.)

This card will be to someone I know whom I hardly get to see, but we seem to always catch up with each other at the most random times through facebook. Facebook is awesome to help keep people connected but, it's not enough and I feel sometimes we use it as a substitute because we fill up or time with so many projects/events/etc., that we are forgetting to take a day or even an hour and just physically visit with friends and family. I am just as guilty as the next person.
Well, I am slowly changing that. I have already made plans to at least have a morning coffee/tea date with one of my friends. Schedules are tight so we have opted for at least a 30 min. planned chat and dash. What ever works I am good to go...At least we are attempting to physically see each other. It's been several months and phone/facebook/text is just not enough.

Valentines day is just a few days away. I hope everyone has a wonderful friend to share a sweet day with. For me, hubby and I will have a dinner with a few family members. We try to celebrate a special day each month. Why wait 'til Valentine's Day. Though it is fun to have one very special sweet hearts day each year.
Thanks for stopping by and hope to see your crafty comments.


McCrafty's Cards said...

Gorgeous card S'andra, I like the design and the sentiment.
Kevin xx

Tonawanda Yost said...

I like this card especially the color combo. I like the sentiment as well - Have a Blessed Day!


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