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Friday, March 15, 2013


OK here it is...... The winner of my Blog Follower Giveaway. 
DRUM ROLL.....DRUM ROLL.......  
JUDY from Blue Jeans, Coffee, and Friends.....

Judy said...Sweet! I will for sure pass along the word of this fabulous give away, and display it on my blog. Thanks for the invite, and the chance to win.
send me your snail mail and I will be glad to get 
your prize package out to you.

We reached 100 and I am so thankful to those of you who have stayed with me through the last year and a half or so and to my newest followers too. This has been an awesome outlet for my crafty side and just meeting new people who love crafting from all over the world is fantastic. 
Seems most of us have the same dream of more Organization and time in our crafty spaces/rooms.

Hopefully I can start sharing some of my changes in a week or so. It's been a rough few weeks/month trying to make the change from a craft room to one wall, but I am getting there. I have stored some items for later giveaways and I have made a donation box that will go to a community organization at our next Girls Day Out Crop/Craft Day

Going through everything in my craft room has made me realize I have had many items just sitting here way to long (the word..hoarder.. has come into my brain) and decided I'll never use them.
So, It's time to let go and give to those who are in more need and will be put to good use. Our GDO team has been looking into various organizations that could use crafty tools and supplies. On the list are...
Project Runaway/Youth Villages, Alzheimer Facility, Boys/Girls Club. We are doing our research on each. All of these are great choices and I hope to see many of our Crafters donate to this in April.
Got to run, have my Grandson and he's keeping me busy this evening. Love this little guy.


Judy said...

Giddy up, yee haw!! Thank you for this awesome win. I'm so tickled. Loved readying your story, and I can't think of a better way to encourage clean out is to give it to a good cause. I do that about every 6 months. Again thanks so much!


Tona said...

woo hoo!! Congratulations first to You S'andra for reaching your 100 followers!!! AWESOME!

And to Judy! You go girl!! I know some BEAUTIFUL creations are coming from this!! Y'all have a Blessed Day!!


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